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Introduction - AYN
Africa Youth Network (AYONET), a non-governmental, non-partisan, a youth charity organization formed in 2006 with the main aim to empower the African youth to Lead, Transform and Achieve total development.



The organisation's mission is to promote awareness, build the skills and experience of the disadvantaged young people in Ghana and Africa to effect positive social changes.



Envision in an open society in Ghana that involve the holistic participation of young people.



To promote the visibility of young people in Ghana in governance and all aspect of life by supporting the empowerment and capacity building of young people.


Who We Are

In October 2006, a young son of Ghana by name Emmanuel Ansah-Amprofi together with others founded The Africa Youth Network (AYONET) and has been actively working over the last few years to enhance the participation of young people in issues relating to good governance, accountability, positive youth development and economic rights in Ghana. 

The creation of the organization was in direct response to the rise in youth unemployment and the continuous marginalization and exploitation of young people in Ghana and Africa as a whole.  It grew from the felt need to effectively mobilize the mass participation of young people to get off their fence and work constructively for the building of their economic freedom, educational goals, healthy societies, good governance and transparency in our nations.

Since its inception in 2006, AYN has continued to initiate and implement a number of projects in line with its Mission Statement. The organization has grown over the years and has help in the shaping of lives, policies and communities in Ghana.

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Programme Objectives

The Programme objectives of AYONET are to mobilize youths across the country to participate in all spheres of national development. The activities seek the holistic involvement of young people as key actors in nation building and social transformation in Ghana.

The strategy the programme pursues in order to realize these objectives is to strengthen the capacities of youth leaders and to advocate and lobby to influence policies promoting and mainstreaming youth participation in national  processes.

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Overall Goals and Objectives

To empower young people to serve as an effective catalysts for social transformation in Ghana.
To help promote a culture of peace, human rights, governance and open societies.
To promote the participation of young people in decisions that affects their future (i.e. health, economic, educational, etc.)

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Programme Strategies

AYONET uses the following strategies to implement its programme activities:

  1. Training workshops: Youth Farm Project
  2. Consultation and Dialogues such as the Ghana Youth Forum
  3. Social Mobilization  & Networking

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Objectives & Goals

The organisation's primary goal is to help the deprived youth of Africa to develop their fullest potentials, through increased access to education, especially in entrepreneurial skills development,  Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a view to preparing them for meaningful participation in national development.

To this end, the AYONET will pursue the following objectives:

  • Develop educational and employment measures which will open up new prospects for young people in their perspective communities and find solutions to problems relating to youth unemployment.

Offer youth an opportunity for personal development through increased access to educational and vocational training;

  • Help alleviate unemployment and poverty by encouraging young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career option, improve leadership skills and problem solving experiences, to encourage the transfer of learned skills into positive civic action in the communities.
  • Organise workshops and career counseling programmes that would help Ghana's youth to determine their individual vocational needs, and guide their choice of jobs and occupations.
  • Initiate programmes that would enhance the community leadership and problem solving skills of the youth to heighten their sense of civic responsibility.

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